Now Secure Your Android Device By SAFE App

A SAFE (Security Assessment Framework for Everyone),an application which you can download on our mobile for free, that help to make sure that your phone is safe by monitoring the security posture of your Android device. The app is working or performing real-time assessments to generate a SAFE score from 0 to 5 which will allow the user to visualize, track, and increase the security stance of your not well conditioned device.Some more features and advantages related to this application,how to work this app,link from you can download the app for free and more are described through the given below paragraphs.please refer through below paragraphs to seek for information regarding the application.

The application also allows users to improve the security posture of the device” SAFE”follows the benchmarks and global standards provided by Mitre Corporation, US, CIS(Center for Internet Security), US and uses data sources like NVD(National Vulnerability Database) by NIST(National Institute of Standards and Technology), US and Android security bulletin by Google to determine the SAFE score.The safety of your device will be make sure by  change the insecure settings pertaining to the active connections and the configuration of your device.

The SAFE score is a number which will be calculated  from 0.01 – 5.00. The security of your device will be calculated on the basis safe score,that is the higher is the score, the better is the security status of your device. The overall SAFE score is derived From four verticals on which the device is monitored ,the overall SAFE score will be calculated to calculate your device safety.The four verticals through which the SAFE score calculated are Device Settings, Active Connections, Installed Applications, and the Operating System. After security assessment has been completed, the app get the following scores corresponding to the verticals indicating the security status and we create the SAFE score using these numbers using the patent-pending model.The scores which will be calculated are Configuration Score,Connection Score ,Application Score,OS Score.

Configuration Score is calculated by sensing the device configuration setting such as device encryption, screen lock type, sleep duration, etc.Connection Score is determined by assessing the state and the configuration of the network connection like WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth, etc.Application Score is  calculated by performing the basic security assessment (manifest analysis) on the installed applications.OS Score is  measured by by checking the security problems in the OS using the device’s security patch version and data source from NVD and Android security bulletin.